Motorola X50 Ultra launch date revealed

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Motorola set a launch event date in China, where it will introduce the X50 Ultra. The phone will debut on Thursday, May 16 and will have a big focus on AI features, the company revealed on Weibo. The event will also see some new laptops powered by AI.

Motorola X50 Ultra launch date revealed

The Moto X50 Ultra will mostly likely be the local name for the Edge 50 Ultra with its wood-like panel on the back and an oval camera lens for the periscope telephoto shooter. The phones may or may not be entirely the same – Motorola usually launches Chinese phones with minor differences.

Some examples of same-body handsets include the Moto X40 and Edge 40 Pro which have different lenses in front of the same camera sensors; Edge 30 Ultra came with reverse wireless charging, which was disabled in the Moto X30 Pro, while the Edge X30 came with an under-display camera which was omitted in the Edge 30 Pro.

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