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Track-spec Enyaq coupe has a huge rear wing, fat fenders and a nose inspired by the Fabia RS Rally2’s
Skoda has been heavily involved in motorsport for decades, and this week, the Czech firm has revealed the Enyaq RS Race, a concept that hints at how the brand’s latest electric models might fit into its future competition activities.
Based on the current Enyaq Coupe vRS, the concept piles on the attitude with a big rear wing, aggressive window louvres and air-hungry diffuser. Wider fenders – vented at the front – cover enormous wheels that look like caricatures of late 1970s Alpina ‘cotton reel’ rims, there’s a set of side skirts so wide Al Capone’s thugs could ride on them to perform drive-bys, and the metal roof skin looks like it might have been swapped for carbon fiber.
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There are more aero mods at the pointy end, which Skoda says was inspired by the nose on the real-life Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 racer, but it doesn’t reveal anything about the suspension or drivetrain, or even what it’s plans are for the concept. But it’s adamant that the project won’t stop at a couple of tasty renderings that get us all excited, only to let us down when they’re not taken further.
“The Enyaq RS Race is not a design study that will just remain on paper; it is going to be a real car,” Daniel Petr, senior designer at Skoda assures us. “It will be lower, wider, lighter and most importantly more dynamic. So, it was clear from the start that the design had to be aggressive with strong racing DNA.”
Personally, we’re hoping that this is some kind of presage to a bonkers road car, a kind of Black Series or CSL of the Enyaq line, though that seems unlikely. Or maybe it’s a hint at what we can expect when the Enyaq vRS is replaced a few years from now. But more likely it’s a sneak look at the company’s next rally car, and designed to show that the VW Group’s MEB platform can cut it on a gravel stage.
Back in 2021 Skoda went rallying in the Fabia RS-X1, an EV-converted Fabia Rally2, in the Austrian Rally Championship, and last month launched an electric racer for the digital world, the single-seater Vision GT, which was created exclusively for the Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation game.
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