Samsung teases "new premium" models of smartwatches, new form factors too

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Earlier today Samsung reported a massive increase in profits for Q1 2024 with strong sales of the Galaxy S24 series. The press release from the company also reveals that the company will be making some changes to its wearable strategy.

It mentions the introduction of new form factors like the Galaxy Ring. Not mentioned officially, but we have heard rumors that Samsung will build its first rectangular watch in years too.

Samsung teases ''new premium'' models of smartwatches, new form factors too

Speaking of watches, the company writes that it will “strive to meet demand for upgrades through the launch of new premium models”. More premium than the upcoming Galaxy Watch7 Classic? Unofficial reports suggests that the Watch7 family will have three members including a Pro model, which might be a step up form the Classic.

Samsung has many branches and while some are focused on consumer products, others are building parts. System LSI will focus on “preparing to ship products based on advanced technologies for new wearables”.

Samsung teases ''new premium'' models of smartwatches, new form factors too

The Galaxy Watch7 will reportedly have an SoC that is 50% more power efficient than its predecessor, the Exynos W930. It’s possible that this will be the first 3nm wearable chip (and the increased efficiency will be paired with higher performance). The new watch series might introduce a blood sugar monitoring feature (though that could be reserved only for the top-specced model). We’ve heard that before and such a sensor hasn’t materialized yet. These are just rumors and speculations, of course, but the company does report that the “development of advanced 3nm and 2nm technologies is progressing smoothly”.

The Galaxy Ring and the Watch7 series is expected to be unveiled in early July, so we have a couple of months of waiting before we find out what Samsung has been cooking up.


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