Texas deputy street racing: Christopher Ricardo Rojas accused of driving in excess of 100 mph on Old Humble Road, HCSO says – KTRK-TV

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — Uniformed law enforcement officers typically rush to an emergency or, in extreme situations, go after a fleeing suspect when they surpass 100 mph behind the wheel.
However, a Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constable, allegedly dressed for duty, was caught at those speeds over the weekend, doing neither. Instead, his Harris County Sheriff's Office colleagues said he was part of a parking lot takeover that turned into a freeway race at dangerous speeds.
The deputy was identified as Christopher Ricardo Rojas.
Although deputies initially labeled this a takeover, ABC13 confirmed it was actually a fully legal car meet-up. The event had sponsors and permission from property owners to hold the gathering.
The event was promoted on Instagram by Northside movements. A person who runs their account told Eyewitness News reporter Alex Bozarjian via messenger that it's a place for car enthusiasts to network and hang out.
They said roughly 200 people attended. The organizers specifically warned people against reckless driving.
A post for Saturday's event included a caption that read, "Respect location and lot owner." It goes on to read, "No donuts and no burnouts."
According to HCSO, Rojas was arrested after sheriff's deputies observed him driving a late-model, black Ford Mustang on Saturday night. The 24-year-old was first spotted leaving a parking lot at the Cam Fuel gas station in the 15900 block of Old Humble Road in the northeast county, where many vehicles participated in the takeover.
The sheriff's office said its units observed a group of cars, including Rojas', leaving and entering a freeway.
Rojas' vehicle and a black Chevrolet Camaro were allegedly pacing next to each other before they accelerated from each other and surpassed 100 mph.
HCSO units stopped the vehicles, and Rojas was detained and charged with racing on a highway. The sheriff's office didn't disclose the other driver's fate.
Rojas was jailed but later bailed out on a $100 bond.
The sheriff's office added that Precinct 4 command staff was notified of the incident and responded to Rojas' detainment.
Eyewitness News contacted Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman's office to comment on Rojas' employment status but is awaiting a response.
ABC13 reached out to Rojas' family members, who said he did not want to comment on the situation.
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