The next Apple Pencil might work with the Vision Pro headset

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The next Apple Pencil, rumored for a launch alongside the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models in the next few weeks, might be more interesting than we were expecting. It turns out that it could not only support iPads, but Apple’s Vision Pro headset as well, according to an unnamed source.

It’s unclear exactly how the stylus would work with the headset, but the safest assumption is perhaps that you’ll be able to draw with it on a desk or some other flat surface and that would automatically appear in visionOS on the Vision Pro, essentially turning your surroundings into the Pencil’s canvas, with pressure and tilt sensitivity.

The next Apple Pencil might work with the Vision Pro headset

Do note that this is speculation – the source only claims Apple has internally tested a stylus with visionOS support, and that this stylus would be usable with drawing apps on the Vision Pro headset, like Freeform and Pixelmator, but not how.

If this happens, then the Vision Pro will need a software update to add support for the new Apple Pencil, and Apple is expected to make the first visionOS 1.2 beta available to developers as early as this week, so if it does, then people will definitely go digging through the code to find any references to the new Apple Pencil, and if they find some, we’ll let you know.


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