Google I/O conference is on May 14 this year

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Google’s annual developer conference, I/O, has always been more than just a developer-focused event. The company often announces a lot of new services on that occasion, sometimes even hardware products. And then there are usually also teasers for upcoming Pixel devices. So it’s a pretty important staple on Google’s calendar every year, and it’s always taken place in May.

Things are no different this year, with I/O happening on May 14. Of course Google will live stream the keynote(s) and sessions, and if you tune in on the day we’ll give you all the information.

For some reason this time Google decided to turn the announcement of I/O day into a logic puzzle with 15 levels. People other than us have thankfully completed it, and then Google stopped being coy and outright announced it so we could bring you the date as well. For what it’s worth, it’s exactly two months from when Google published the puzzle.

Expect to hear a lot (more) about AI this time, because Google seems to be all-in with that – or, at least, all-in with constantly telling us, over and over again, how all-in it is with AI. Anyway, AI definitely will be a big part of I/O 2024.


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