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Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner might be on the chopping block after all.
Having been cleared by Red Bull GMBh after misconduct allegations were levelled against him, there's reportedly renewed tension between Horner and the company.
Franz Watzlawick, the CEO of the Red Bull beverage business, is said to be unhappy with the saga that has dragged on for weeks.
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According to Motorsport-Total, Watzlawick will meet with Red Bull GMBh managing director Oliver Mintzlaff and the company's majority Thai owner Chalerm Yoovidhya in Dubai.
Motorsport-Total isn't the only outlet reporting the potential split with F1 Insider also suggesting as much.
A statement issued to Dutch outlet De Telegraaf by Red Bull Racing read: "As Christian has said, he is grateful for the full support of the shareholders and that remains the case."
Mintzlaff was accompanied by Watzlawick at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in a surprise appearance for the CEO. 
Motorsport-Total reports Watzlawick has never made a public appearance at a Formula 1 race previously, suggesting how serious the issue has become.
According to the report, the meeting will focus on the Austrian side of Red Bull GMBh and how it deals with Horner amid a belief the feud is damaging beverage sales, particularly in North America.
Motorsport-Total reports the woman at the centre of the sexual harassment allegations is also planning to make a public appearance and could release a statement soon.
It's said she considers Horner's stance misleading and wishes to challenge the narrative.
That presents another hurdle for Horner to overcome despite maintaining his position that he will not be dropped by the team and has done nothing wrong.
Horner isn't the only major player inside Red Bull Racing in strife.
The team's advisor Helmut Marko has seemingly escaped a sanction for any part he might have played in the sexual harassment investigation.
Champion driver Max Verstappen said he could not continue with Red Bull Racing if Marko was sacked.
According to the Mail Online, Marko met with Mintzlaff who assured him he would stay.
"The conversation with Mintzlaff was a very good one. I think everything is cleared," Marko told the Mail Online.
"We decided that these rumours were spread and had no legal background. 
"I will not be suspended. Our goal is to win the world championship. 
"For that we will have to work hard."
That was backed up by Mintzlaff, who told Bild Marko is safe.
"We had a good conversation with Helmut but we want to focus on the sport," said Mintzlaff.
"We don't want to talk about HR topics in front of the whole world."
Formula 1 will take a short break before resuming on March 22-24 at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.
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