15 people arrested, 14 vehicles towed during illegal street racing bust in Tempe – ABC15 Arizona in Phoenix

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TEMPE, AZ — Tempe police have arrested 15 people during a two-day operation to crack down on street racing in the city.
Last weekend, 15 people were arrested, 14 vehicles were towed and two guns were seized.
To crack down on the dangerous speeding conditions on the roads, Tempe PD is using enforcement, technology and education to combat the issue.
“As the Tempe Police Chief, I am committed to addressing the issue of street racing and its associated crimes. We will take proactive measures, collaborate with local agencies, and employ innovative strategies to effectively combat this dangerous activity,” said Tempe Police Chief Kenneth McCoy.
Last year, Tempe police issued 259 citations involving racing, speeds of more than 85 mph, reckless driving and speeds more than 20 miles an hour over the posted speed limit, according to a news release.
Police officials also say there were about 50 vehicle crashes in Tempe last year, resulting in 24 fatalities. Authorities believe excessive speed was a factor in 18 of those incidents.
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