Samsung Galaxy S24 series' major update reaches Europe

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Samsung’s first update for the Galaxy S24 series is a major one, promising a way to bring back the saturated screen look, as well as a slew of camera improvements. The firmware launched in Korea last week and is now, finally, reaching other users.

Currently, Galaxy S24 series owners in Europe are getting the update, but the rollout should go global very soon. The firmware is version S92xBXXU1AXB5 and weighs around 750 MB.

The first major update to the Galaxy S24 series
The first major update to the Galaxy S24 series

The first major update to the Galaxy S24 series

Samsung lists a generic list of improvements – device stability, new and or enhanced features, further improvements, etc, but there’s a lot going on. Inside the display mode’s advanced settings now sits a slider to adjust just how much vividness you want applied to your screen. Samsung has said that it thinks the natural tuning is superior, so this update doesn’t change it, you need to do it manually.

Here’s the full changelog, according to a Samsung moderator:

  • Brighter Backlight Shots: Say goodbye to washed-out photos! High-pixel mode now shines with better balance in bright scenes.
  • Sharper Text Zooms (Galaxy S24 Ultra only): Get closer than ever with crystal-clear text, even at high magnifications.
  • Ultra-Smooth Video (Galaxy S24 Ultra only): Capture your moments with stunning clarity and detail in rear video recording.
  • Indoor Portrait Enhancements (Galaxy S24 Ultra only): Brighter shadows, sharper faces – perfect indoor portraits every time.
  • Food Mode Fiesta: Colors pop and flavors come alive with richer, more vibrant food photos.
  • Night Mode Magic: Experience improved saturation and white balance for more natural-looking nighttime shots.
  • DNG Gallery Zoom: Explore your photos in even greater detail with improved image quality when zooming in the Expert RAW app.
  • Action Heroes (Galaxy S24 Ultra only): Capture fast-moving subjects in backlit conditions with sharper focus and clearer details.
  • Subjects Shine (Galaxy S24 Ultra only): People, flowers, and more come to life with optimized exposure and color expression in photo mode.

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