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The “divisive” car progression mechanic will be addressed in an update next month
Turn 10 Studios has revealed how it plans to update Forza Motorsport’s progression system following criticism from some sections of the game’s community.
Last month, the studio acknowledged complaints from Forza Motorsport players about three areas of the game, including its “divisive” car progression mechanic.
In an update published on Wednesday, Turn 10 outlined two changes expected to arrive in March as part of the game’s sixth major update.
Firstly, all car parts for every car will now be unlocked at Car Level 1, meaning players can install upgrades in any order.
“Whether it’s engine swaps, race tires, aspiration changes, body kits or any other part available for your vehicle, you will have the freedom to build cars your way,” the studio said.
Secondly, Car Points will be obtainable with in-game Credits, with Turn 10 currently testing a ratio of 4,500 Credits for 500 Car Points.
“This means you can begin to immediately install upgrades to your car if you have sufficient Credits or if you would rather save your Credits, you can still earn car parts through car leveling as before.”
The on-track time required to reach Car Level 50 will remain between 2-3 hours and brand discount levels won’t be changing as part of the update.
Turn 10 acknowledged last month that Forza Motorsport race regulations aren’t always working as they should, and said it planned to address complaints about AI driving behaviour in a future update too.
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