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Nürburgring Nordschleife is tempting us back
We were fairly impressed with Forza Motorsport when it launched on Xbox Series X|S late last year as a big-old reboot for the Forza franchise. Sure, it didn’t quite feel feature-complete, and we were missing some key courses, but the racing felt fantastic and it seemed like another solid addition to Xbox Game Pass in our book.
Since then though, we have dropped off on Turn 10’s latest racer a little bit. Admittedly, part of that is due to the game’s overall SSD footprint being bloody gargantuan on Xbox Series X, but it was also partly down to a lack of compelling reasons to keep revisiting the game. We just wanted a wee bit more to do in a ‘post-game’ capacity despite enjoying the core experience.
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However, since then the team has been continuously updating the title, and we now have quite a bit more content to dig into. New cars and events have been added to Forza Motorsport in recent months, alongside track additions like Daytona, Hockenheim and Yas Marina Circuit.
We’ve still not taken the plunge to reinstall the latest FM yet though – although that’s about to change. February’s update marks the return of the world-famous Nürburgring Nordschleife track, and we’re absolutely going to get the game loaded back up for that one. It’ll give us a good chance to check out all of the updates that have arrived already too!
So, we wanted to know if you’re still playing Forza Motorsport these days. Have you been consistently dipping back in, or are you going to jump back in with Nordschleife as well? Or equally, have you ditched the game entirely since launch and have no plans to return?
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Tell us how you’ve been getting on with Forza Motorsport since launch down below. Nürburgring Nordschleife arrives as part of update 5 later this month!
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I've yet to try it yet. 😅 I do plan on getting round to it but as of now, there's just been so much on Game Pass that distracts me.
I do not. I bought the game at full D1 price and I don't regret it at all 💚
I would be but I keep having to juggle space with huge games like this, lol. Too much to play and too little space even with an expansion card.
It is supposed to be a simulator. I’ve never once had to level one of my cars or motorcycles in real life for me to install performance parts. Something I’m doing to my MK3 Golf Cabrio IRL currently.
Uninstalled it and won’t be back until they remove the car leveling to upgrade parts.
I played about 8 hours and dropped it. It was one of my most anticipated games of last year too. Very disappointed.
Removed – trolling
Removed – trolling
I have downloaded it 3 times and bounced off each time after a few hours. It is a good racing sim but not something I am looking to drop a lot of hours into. I can’t justify the 135gb download on my Xbox or pc. I prefer arcade racing.
Only for the league car rewards. Even the car spotlight this week is broken. Honestly last year was bad, all xbox games apart hi-fi were complete bug messes. Like the gameplay, physics the all weather tracks but they are leagues behind GT in some things.
Another Xbox disappointment. I’m glad I still have Forza 3 and 4.
I put in 60 hours or so and then uninstalled. There's too many problems and absolutely no soul to the game. This was a huge dissapointment to me as Id been eagerly awaiting it. MS7 is a far superior game and much more deserving of a prospective drivers time imo.
No, it's souless. Leveling cars and parts is a chore and the campaign is boring.
I beat all the tours and put in 50 hours but I don't see any reason to return to the game. If I want to play Forza I will play Horizon 4/5. Hell, I am playing The Crew Motorfest right now and even that is better than Motorsport.
The racing is great in Motorsport but everything else is a disaster. It is buggy as hell. The progression system is nonsense. But the biggest issue for me is the boring presentation. How is there no music?
@Sakko I don't know how the god awful performance of Microsoft games last year is not a bigger story. I skipped Redfall but Forza and Starfield had easily the worst performance of any games I played last year.
I go back every now and then to play while listening to podcasts. It’s way too grindy though to be a serious sim racer. You need to put in literal hours with a car just to be able to experiment with custom setups. They either need to drop this car levelling rubbish or make it wayyy faster to level up. No idea who thought this would be a popular system but they are tone deaf to what the Forza audience actually wants.
Never even tried it, probably never will. Not my kind of game.
I play a couple races couple times a week. It's okay, but the 'souless' comments here finally helped me put my finger on why it's just okay in my view.
@Friendly Cheap troll and the one above you exactly the same 🤦‍♂️
@Friendly that gave me a good chuckle 😂
I play a couple of races every evening, so yes I still play FM on Gamepass.
I played on gamepass… I love the rivals element and have done a few on lone races. Whilst the car drops are ok just feels underwhelming. I was expecting more exhilaration but its just too sterile. And what are the drift and drag racing parts for if you dont use them in any of the events?
What it has achieved is it got me back into driving games and am currently rolling cars over in Dirt Rally 2.0… highly recommend giving DR 2.0 a go if you fancy s challenge rally cross is great and rally stages take a lot of determination and concentration but very rewarding
Hard to keep engaged. Lots of talk about this that and the other but the content was just bland. At least needs a set of driving tests!
Nope, I played a bit at launch and was hugely disappointed. Its PC performance is largely terrible and it’s single player is structured rather poorly and is just plain dull to be honest
I tried it again recently and it was beyond comical how the Daytona track has its pitlane exit completely blocked, instead spitting you out into the braking zone of turn 1. It has improved overall but some big issues remain such as the lack of a radar for close racing.
Overall I’ve just found it pretty disappointing and it doesn’t give me a reason to play over GT7 or ACC
It's a real transitional experience. The driving and handling is the best out there, better than GT7 for my money. But the single player experience is so stale and lacking, add in fundamental problems like the AI and penalty system and it just needs real work still.
I do believe the quality driving mechanics make it worthwhile for racing fans but as it stands, maybe wait to reinstall until the larger problems are fixed.
I played racing games for two months straight with EA WRC and FORZA. Going to go back to them when their is some more content. I really loved Forza but I had to put away my steering wheel for the xmas tree.
No. You cannot freely tune… not that fun for me.
Nope downloaded it when it launched and tried to get into it, couldn't. Deleted it. Downloaded it again about a month ago, tried to get into it again, and ended up deleting it again. As a longtime fan of Forza games since the original, it's just got so much wrong with it. Biggest issue for me is the car leveling system, it has turned any attempts at car builds into a slow tedious grind and I don't like that. On the few cars I managed to level and do something with I can get a rare glimpse of what I liked about Forza games and enjoy myself, but it has become too time consuming to get there.
I’ll check in again by the end of 2025 or so. I think eventually it will become a good game, but there’s no need to play it instead of GT7 at the moment. That game has way more to offer in their current states.
Nope. FM7 has alot more content (tracks/cars) so am happy to stay there.
I usually spend an evening a week doing the feature races and a few multiplayer races.
I still have fun even with some of the issues it has.
A single track would never tempt me to waste time on an half-assed game.
I've been playing non stop, yes the game had issues and still does but I'm a huge fan of the Forza series right from the first one, since release the game has had a lot of what was turning ppl away taking care of, for me to turn the game down it would have to been in worse condition at launch then it was, only issues is the car leveling system,
If anyone wants to take me on look up Beat U on Xbox
Yep, and because the thing asked if I had more to type …
horizon 5 better
Not at all, one of the most disappointing games of 2023 for me. Was extremely excited for it, but playing it honestly made me wish I was playing other racing games. Just didn't hook me like I wanted it to unfortunately.
I’ve been dipping back in now and then. I honestly love how good the driving feels in this game, and I love how great it looks and sounds too. The extra tracks that’ve been added are all really fun to drive too, and I can’t wait to get started on the next, big one – I’ve not driven it, in a game in years!
I know it seems that most veteran Forza fans are incredibly disappointed with this new iteration, and I have to say, I just don’t get it. Perhaps expectations were way too high, maybe just play the game as an all-new racer and make of it, what it is. I’ve enjoyed the series since FM5, though maybe that doesn’t make me hardcore-enough a fan, to see all the apparent flaws in the new game? Who cares, I’m loving it.
Hardly. I play one race per day just to complete the limited-time events and that's it. I keep forcing myself to play just not to lose out on the cars they offer, but it's hard to keep playing when the game clearly has no creativity. The game lacks so much content and yet they insist on removing the newly added events after each update.
Pretty much stopped playing it.
Got fed up with putting in practice and qualifying near the front of the grid only for someone to tag you or push you wide, meaning you fall down the field.
So frustrating and disheartening.
Will only play again if they ever revise the penalty system. A one second penalty for driving like an idiot or intentionally taking someone out is nowhere near enough.
The method used for overtakes seems to be under brake into a corner, go up the inside and lean on the car on the outside to stop from going wide.
It's not a contact sport.
Yes. A lot of games came out last year and I don't just blow through games. I've completed one series and I'm about to complete the first Builder's Cup series.
Play Everyday for at least 4 hours since week before release. One of the best driving experiences out there. Racing online only and races are getting way better and cleaner.
Love the fact you guys seem to realize that they were not rebuilding everything up from the ground like some ppl seem to think and feel ripped off. People also didn't seem to realize they aren't working on another one for a year and half release like they used to. This will be the working title for the next 5+ years and the plan has always been to just keep building and updating this game. Can't wait such a promising start and the lighting engine should be fixed and reactivated soon then later. The lighting system now in game is only a temp fall back they are using till fixing the issues with optimization on consoles
I've tried it at launch, and went back very quickly to Forza 7, which I find a lot more fun, accessible and beautiful. So, for my racing purposes, I stick to FM7 and Horizon 5 on Xbox, and GT7 on PSVR2 (VR is really cool for this kind of game).
But Forza 7 stays my favorite. A shame it cannot be bought by new players nowadays, except if you find a used copy of it… and on the condition you're not playing on Series S :/
I played it for 1 tour race per day. But then transferred it to HDD to make room for P3Reload, Palworld etc that were more enticing to play atm. I might transfer it back sometime in the future, but looking at the upcoming games on GP, well….
Nope, not playing it
Give me FH4 never got the chance for FH3 as I has a PS4 before getting my XSX. Will never go back to PS. FH5 meh!
No. Tried it after signing up to GP for a single month, (don’t really bother with subs these days), but I actually prefer FM 7. It just feels more complete, plus I don’t have to be connected 24/7 to play the solo career.
After 100% completing the season in FH5, I go to FM to play/complete each Series to obtain the car at the end (a few hours every week). I got all cars, but the levelling needs to be a bit quicker (level 25 should be the new level 50 for instance).
I enjoy trying out the new cars, but overall this title has too many things not going for it. Sure, it will get better, but they should've kept it in the oven for at least a year or two (in hindsight).
Not cool to let people pay full price when releasing a (so obvious) unfinished product!
I haven’t put it down since it released. I’m finding it more enjoyable than GT7, which is an incredible game on its own merit, but I'm finding the recent AI tweaks for the computer controlled cars is a tad more realistic on Forza now and should bring some folks back.
@bensondog Forza Horizon 3 is playable on your Series X, just need the disc!
Considering the mess Halo Infinite was, Forza Motorsport is still so broken that I no longer have confidence in Microsoft Gaming Studios. It feels like Forza Motorsport is so bad it's just an ad to get a Playstation and the latest Gran Turismo.
Call me when they add VR.
Yes, I just started it last week actually. Very good car simulation racer. Encourages you to drive properly. The better you drive the better rewards you get.
Good luck to those who are.
I may look at footage from time to time (or not/forget) but I’m just not interested still.
Got the rest of Forza Motorsport 5-7 to get through (played most of them, have my ups and downs with them, still prefer 1-4 or PGR 1-4 over them) or other more exciting racing games to play instead old gen OG/360 (other consoles) mostly.
I had mixed feelings playing GT Sport up to it’s server death but doing that to see how it turned out and adding to wikis was fun. Not going to do so for GT7 PS4 version/Forza Motorsport 8 at all.
Not really anymore. It was the reason I picked up a series x two years ago. And is the biggest disappointment on the system. They forgot to add the fun and soul that 3 and 4 had. I’m glad there is so much other great stuff that makes the Series X an awesome console but Forza is no longer one of them.
I’m over driver level 300 so yes I’m still playing. I like the changes that were made for this generation of Forza. The “car pg” just makes sense to me. I can max max out a car by playing through an event twice. I honestly don’t get what people don’t like about it. The game is beautiful and challenging. If you want a racing game with soul, play Forza Horizon 5. You want a racing sim, I believe FH is your best option.
Played it a lot after release, enjoyed it for the most part, especially the online races. Then didn't play after a few weeks and uninstalled to make space.
I'll reinstall at some point, especially if they do away with the car levelling stuff, that just didn't make sense.
I gave up on that game about 20 hours in. The leveling cars for parts is a horrible idea, the game looks good, but that's about as far as it goes. Like most games now, they failed to let actual gamers test it. Instead, they had the coders test it. So they ended up with a game that really isn't for gamers. The AI is insane, no matter how much you upgrade your car, the AI always seems to be faster, it completely takes the fun out of the game. I'm glad I didn't pay for this garbage
I am still playing, I have about 75 hour into it and while Ive slowed down with how frequently I play it, I still check back often and do any new races that pop up in the career mode, which is still happening regularly. I'l be shocked if I don't hit over 100 hours once I finally put it down.
No. No I'm not. Was never that impressed with it.
Nah, too big of a file for a racing game.
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Forza Motorsport
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