3 people arrested for street racing in Wake County as Durham cracks down on racing in parking decks – WRAL News

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Three people were arrested Friday as law enforcement in Wake and Durham counties crack down on street racing.
On Friday, deputies with the Wake County Sheriff’s Office tried to stop two cars, a Camaro SS and a BMW X3, that appeared to be racing on Interstate 540.

Deputies stopped the Camaro and took the driver into custody, but were unable to stop the BMW.
An hour later, around midnight, deputies stopped a Kawasaki MC motorcycle and a Mustang racing at speeds over 100 mph on Interstate 40 near U.S. Highway 1. Both drivers were taken into custody.
The three drivers, Salvador Garcia-Barajas, 23, Jose De Jesus Diaz-Martinez, 22, and Kaylee Julia Morton, 18, were charged with prearranged speed competition, speeding and reckless driving, and their vehicles were seized by the sheriff’s office.
The arrests come as Durham city leaders are cracking down on street racing inside parking decks.
The crackdown comes after videos of people racing inside the Morgan Rigsbee Parking Deck were posted online.
City leaders and police said they are working together to monitor city parking decks using surveillance cameras, private security and license plate recognition software.
As of Tuesday evening, 14 license plates captured on camera on Sunday are now blacklisted and are not allowed in any city-owned parking facilities.

City authorities sent warning letters to the owners of each of the vehicles.
City officials say anyone who drives through or damages a parking gate could be fined, and possible court action is possible.

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