The Xreal Beam starts shipping in the US and Japan

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The Xreal Beam starts shipping today in the US and Japan. The Beam is an alternative way to connect AR headsets like the Xreal Air to your PC, console or phone. Normally, you need a wired USB C-to-C connection between the headset and your device.

The Xreal Beam starts shipping in the US and Japan

With the Beam, however, you can go wireless. It still needs a USB connection to the glasses, but it’s a small device that you can slip in your pocket (doable with a phone, not so much with a PC or even a Nintendo Switch).

The Beam also acts like a power bank and can run the Air for up to 3.5 hours. Additionally, there are two USB-C ports on board, so you can plug in external power as well. This second port also allows for an all-wired connection to keep the latency as low as possible.

The Xreal Beam starts shipping in the US and Japan

In case you were wondering, the Air glasses don’t have any battery inside them to keep them light, that’s why they need a wired connection to something, be it the Beam or otherwise. Apple took a similar approach with the Vision Pro, by the way.

The Xreal Beam is $120 in the US, the Xreal Air glasses are $380. If you’re just starting your AR journey, you can get the two as a bundle for $488 (a small $10 discount).

Over in Japan, the Beam is ¥16,980 while the glasses are ¥45,980. The Beam + Air bundle gets no discount and is ¥62,980.

You can grab an Xreal Beam and Air from the company’s US store as well as its Japanese store. The Beam should be available on Amazon US soon too, the Air glasses already are.

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