The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could support 65W fast charging thanks to new battery tech

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Samsung released its first phone with support for 45W wired charging in 2019 (Galaxy Note10+) and hasn’t moved an inch above that. In fact, 45W is still quite rare in Samsung’s line-up. Things may finally start to change with the arrival of stacked batteries, which is tech borrowed from EVs.

According to @RGCloudS, the stacked battery will be featured in the Galaxy S24 Ultra and possibly the S24+. It depends on the supply chain – currently Samsung is just running tests with batteries made at a Chinese plant as the plant in Cheonan is still waiting for manufacturing equipment to arrive.

Regular vs. stacked battery tech
Regular vs. stacked battery tech (image credit)

One of the advantages of stacked batteries is faster charging – the S24 Ultra will go up to 65W (up from 45W for the 2023 model). Both the S24 Ultra and S24+ batteries will reportedly have 5,000mAh capacity, but the Ultra will have additional cooling, allowing it to hit the higher charge rate.

There may not be enough production capacity to also upgrade the small Galaxy S24, which could be stuck at 25W for yet another year. Once the stacked battery tech proves itself (and supply constraints are lifted), however, it could be used in the future Galaxy Z Flip6 and Z Fold6 too. By the way, Apple is expected to use stacked batteries for all iPhone 15 models.

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