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Forza Motorsport will launch with an enormous stable of vehicles, 20 racetracks, and a new online racing mode this fall.
The 100th Le Mans, a new Detroit Grand Prix city circuit, and the upcoming Formula 1 race down the Las Vegas Strip have all contributed to an especially exciting year of motorsport spectatorship—and Turn 10 Studio’s all-new Forza Motorsport promises to keep the party going. Stuffed within the

two-hour-long Xbox Games Showcase was this Forza Motorsport official trailer that highlighted new cars, tracks, and Xbox’s highly anticipated next-generation answer to Sony’s exclusive Gran Turismo 7.
Pre-orders are open now, but the new Forza Motorsport has been confirmed as included in Xbox Game Pass when it launches on October 10.
Here’s what we know so far: Forza Motorsport is bringing more than 500 cars with it on launch day. There are 20 tracks that each have numerous layouts, and five of those tracks are brand new to the series. Every track in the game will have a range of times of day and a choice of different weather environments, with the ability for the track surface to collect rubber and varying grip levels dependent on surface temperature. Some of our own favorites, such as Virginia International Raceway and the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, make their return in more detail than ever before.
Part of Forza‘s long-standing charm has been the ability to swap powertrains and drivetrains to create some wild automotive cocktails. That’s back, and so are 800 other performance upgrades for its swath of vehicles to challenge the imagination. A single-player campaign mode, Builders Cup Career mode, and online multiplayer all return to the stage this year, each with its own challenges and progression system that are designed to keep you in the driver’s seat. Turn 10 says the AI has been revamped to add a smarter and more competitive level of difficulty, and if that’s not enough for ya, they’ve thrown tire and fuel strategy into the mix.
Forza fans can preorder to get early access to Forza Motorsport, beginning October 5, and play either on Xbox Series X, Series S, or PC. PC gamers who prefer Steam to the Xbox store can wish-list the new Forza to be notified when it’s available for preorder on that platform.
There are also multiple special editions that have come with their own perks for an extra cost. The Premium Edition ($99) brings five days of early access, a Race Day Car Pack, a Car Pass (one new car awarded weekly for 30 weeks), VIP membership, and a welcome pack. The Deluxe Edition ($89) gets everything the Premium Edition includes, short of the early access.
The Standard Edition ($69) is the cheapest way to purchase the new Forza Motorsport, but if you’re already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you’ll be able to play on launch day.
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