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Bridgestone could be in line to make a sensational comeback to Formula 1 ahead of the upcoming decision on the sport’s tyre supplier from the 2025 season onwards.
Pirelli currently hold the role as sole supplier to the sport having done so since 2011 when they gained the rights from the Japanese company.
Previously Bridgestone had sole supplier status from 2007 to 2010, having previously been in a tyre war with Michelin when the two companies battled for supremacy in the sport.
Earlier this year the FIA opened the tender for the official F1 supplier of tyres for the period of 2025 to 2027, with a possible extension into 2028.
While it is almost impossible right now to tell who could benefit from the move, when the switch was made from Bridgestone to Pirelli in 2011, Red Bull gained a further 152 points the following season while Mercedes lost 49.
However, other factors were also critical that season including Red Bull’s blown exhaust innovation which saw them dominate the campaign to retain both world championships led by Sebastian Vettel.
The deadline for applications however was May 15, and the World Automobile Federation is now reviewing bids from any potential interested parties before making a decision on June 16.
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Pirelli are keen to continue their contract with F1 and while it has not been confirmed who they will be battling with, Bridgestone are thought to have registered an interest according to
The report adds that Eiichi Suzuki, manager of motorsport planning at Bridgestone, says that the company is looking at spreading its involvement into other racing series.
He said: “We are always thinking about what and how to best our motorsport activities in global categories, including Formula 1 can support. There are investigations into this.”
The report however also adds that Bridgestone have declined to confirm whether this interest carries over into an official bid.
A spokeswoman for the company said: “Bridgestone has a heritage in motorsport for over 60 years and we will continue to pursue sustainable global motorsport activities. However, we refrain from commenting on specific categories.”
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