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Microsoft has finally announced the release date for Forza Motorsport alongside a new trailer for the game.
The company revealed that Forza Motorsport will launch for Xbox and PC on October 10. The game will be available on Xbox Series X, and Steam. It’ll also be available on day one on Game Pass.
During the Xbox Games Showcase, it was also announced that Forza Motorsport will include two new General Motors vehicles to the lineup: The Cadillac V-Series.R and the Corvette E-Ray
In the new gameplay video that you can watch below, players get a look at the newly announced vehicles as well as the overall environment of the game.
Originally slated for a spring 2023 release, Forza Motorsport was pushed back in order to fine-tune the game for a more stable launch later this year. At launch, the game will feature over 500 cars with 800 total upgrades available.
In addition, the game will feature real-time ray tracing on the track as well as a dynamic daytime cycle that will influence how a car performs and grips to the surface.
With Forza Motorsport now set to launch in October, it looks like Microsoft is really stacking its release lineup for the fall.
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