WhatsApp brings new QR code chat history transfer feature

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WhatsApp has a new chat history transfer feature that simplifies the process of getting your chats and files on a new device without using cloud backups. With the new feature, users get a QR code on their old device containing their backed-up history which is then transferred locally to their new phone via Wi-Fi Direct.

The new chat history restore feature is still rolling out to Whats App Beta users and is only available for same OS transfers for now meaning Android to Android and iOS to iOS. The process involves going into the Settings tab inside WhatsApp –> Chats –> Chat transfer where you’ll see the new option if it is available to you.

WhatsApp parent company Meta says chat history data is only shared between the two devices and is fully encrypted during the transfer process. The feature is also handy if you have larger backups which don’t fit in your cloud storage.


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