“Noticeably Different”: After Failure of Baku Hopes, McLaren TP Hints at Big Upcoming Changes to Boost Lando Norris & Co. – EssentiallySports

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via Reuters
Formula One F1 – British Grand Prix – Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain – June 30, 2022 McLaren’s Lando Norris during the press conference ahead of the Grand Prix REUTERS/Andrew Boyers
In 2022, Aston Martin was arguably amongst the slowest teams during the start of the season, with McLaren fighting for the odd podium. This year the roles have been reversed as Lando Norris and Co. struggle to get into the points and Aston Martin is scoring podiums weekend after weekend. However, the B-Spec car brought by Aston Martin last year made them a McLaren competitor toward the end. Can the Papaya team repeat the same feat as the green team did as the McLaren TP hints at big changes despite the Baku failure? What are the changes?
The McLaren struggles continue after a devastating start to the season. While the Monaco GP was a better performance from the team with both cars finishing in the points, it was not what the team expected as both cars were lapped during the race. McLaren brought major upgrades to Baku, which does not seem to have much of an effect on the car as the team is still lingering around the pace of the backmarkers, albeit maybe just a little quicker.
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Andrea Stella ITA, McLaren F1 Team, F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain at Bahrain International Circuit on March 3, 2023 in Sakhir, Bahrain. Photo by HOCH ZWEI Sakhir Bahrain *** Andrea Stella ITA, McLaren F1 Team , F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain at Bahrain International Circuit on March 3, 2023 in Sakhir, Bahrain Photo by HOCH ZWEI Sakhir Bahrain
Zak Brown, a part of the technical restructuring, has started an aggressive hiring program as he poaches multiple engineers from the top teams, including David Sanchez and most recently Rob Marshall. Andrea Stella has now come out and confirmed the introduction of a B-Spec car between the Austrian and the British GP. By then, the new wind tunnel will also be fully functional. McLaren explained how the new car would look significantly different from the current one but will still be an evolution of the current concept rather than how Mercedes changed the concept. 
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According to Motorsport-Total.com, Andrea Stella said, “The plan is that we have to make the car more competitive. We have now approved the package that should be available between Austria and the UK, and that’s what should bring the car to a more competitive level. It is a further development of the car, a further development of concepts that we consider successful. It will be noticeably different from what we currently have. It will be the basis for future developments next year. There should be another big upgrade for the second part of the season.” [Translated via Google]
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While McLaren might be struggling right now, the drivers and the team instill their faith in what Zak Brown and Andrea Stella are doing with the team and the direction that they are taking. With the Spanish GP around the corner, The McLaren TP opens up about his expectations from this weekend. 
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The MCL60 has been a very draggy car since the start of the season. However, Andrea Stella explains that the layout of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is better off with the MCL60 with most of the track being medium to high-speed corners. Nevertheless, the team still meds to work a lot on aerodynamic efficiency as one ultimately needs the pace to score points in the race.
via Reuters
Formula One F1 – Monaco Grand Prix – Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco – May 26, 2023 McLaren’s Lando Norris during practice REUTERS/Piroschka Van De Wouw
According to motorsport-total.com, Andrea Stella said, “You can have a high-quality execution, but on routes where you can overtake, you ultimately need the pace. Let’s see. Hopefully, Spain is better off with our car with its high-speed curves. But we know that we need to improve aerodynamic efficiency, and that will happen in a few races.” [Translated Via Google]
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What did you make of Andrea Stella’s comments? Will the B-Spec introduce a huge improvement?
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