Google and iFxit will offer Pixel Fold repair parts, tools and manuals

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The Pixel Fold from Google is finally on open sale in the US, the UK, Germany and Japan. In addition, we now have confirmation that Google and iFixit will extend their partnership for repair parts and instructions with the foldable Pixel. A Google spokesperson confirmed to 9to5Google that the Pixel Fold will see OEM repair parts, tools, manuals and guides for DIY repairs. These will include screen assemblies, batteries and charging ports at launch.

Google Pixel Fold

This development would make the Pixel Fold the first foldable phone to offer user-repairs. All other foldable phone manufacturers provide in-house repairs while user repairs would void their warranty. In addition to the iFixit repair tools, Google will offer in-store and mail-in repair options.

Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold

Google is also planning to offer an extended warranty option called Preferred Care which will cover accidental mechanical breakdowns and accidental damages after the device warranty period ends. The extended warranty service will be available on a per-month basis or as a one-time payment option and will provide either repairs or if needed replacement units. Google and iFixit have yet to fully detail the extent of their latest partnership but we should learn more in the near future.


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