Daniel Naroditsky With a Back-to-Back Titled Arena win!

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GM Daniel Naroditsky secured himself the first place in this Saturday’s Titled Arena with an absolute dominating lead of 26 points to the second place, taken by IM Minh Le. The third place was taken by GM kontraJako.

Naroditsky, who already won the August Chess960 Titled Arena, had a perfect start with an 8-game win streak right at the beginning, but struggled a bit against other top Bullet-players like Andrew Tang or Minh Le which resulted in him losing his flame streak multiple times. Still, he managed to secure the first place with a really impressive performance rating of 3245.

Speaking of GM Andrew Tang, to the delight of many, the Bullet Legend was back to playing and streaming the Titled Arena! While he was in first and then in second place for most of the time during the tournament, he couldn’t keep his cool and ultimately slipped down to 5th place. Still 128 points and a 3122 performance rating is an impressive achievement!

Another well-known 10x Titled Arena Champion got unlucky – GM Oleksandr Bortnyk got fourth with only 3 points difference to GM kontraJako on the third – although Bortnyk was even first for a while.

Also to be appreciated is Nihal Sarin’s performance, who took 6th place with only 41 (significantly fewer games than the other top 10 placed, which all had about 60 games) – and that with a 100% Berserk rate!

The next Titled Arena is on September 3rd, you can find the full schedule here.

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