Apple raises iCloud+ pricing in the UK, parts of Europe, Asia and the Americas

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If you are a iCloud subscriber (but don’t use Apple One), you may want to check the subscription fees for your region – Apple quietly raised them in multiple countries.

Taking the UK as an example, the 50GB tier was £0.79 a month previously, but the updated pricing shows it at £0.99. The 200GB and 2TB tier got pricier as well. It’s not just the UK, plenty of other countries are seeing price hikes as well. The euro pricing remains the same, however, the same goes for the US, Canada, Australia and India.

Here is a quick look at some of the changes to Apple’s price plan for iCloud+. You can find the updated global pricing here.

Before Now
Storage 50GB 200GB 2TB 50GB 200GB 2TB
Australia A$1.49 A$4.49 A$14.99 A$1.49 A$4.49 A$14.99
Brazil R$3.50 R$10.90 R$34.90 R$4.90 R$14.90 R$49.90
Canada C$1.29 C$3.99 $C12.99 C$1.29 C$3.99 $C12.99
Czechia 25 Kč 79 Kč 249 Kč 25 Kč 79 Kč 249 Kč
Denmark 7 kr 25 kr 69 kr 9 kr 25 kr 89 kr
Euro €0.99 €2.99 €9.99 €0.99 €2.99 €9.99
India ₹75 ₹219 ₹749 ₹75 ₹219 ₹749
Norway 10 kr 29 kr 99 kr 12 kr 39 kr 129 kr
Poland 3.99 zł 11.99 zł 39.99 zł 4.99 zł 14.99 zł 49.99 zł
Türkiye 6.49 TL 19.99 TL 64.99 TL 12.99 TL 39.99 TL 129.99 TL
UK £0.79 £2.49 £6.99 £0.99 £2.99 £8.99
US $0.99 $2.99 $9.99 $0.99 $2.99 $9.99

Note that the free iCloud plan is still available, but you still only get 5GB, the same as back when the service first launched in 2011.

There is some good news, at least for Apple One subscribers as that the pricing for that hasn’t changed. One includes iCloud+, tv+, Music, Arcade and (at the highest tier) Fitness+ and News+. Of course, Apple hiked the One prices back in October, so that’s only a small consolation.

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