Realme 11 Pro and 11 Pro+ are now available in Europe

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Realme launched the 11 Pro and 11 Pro+ smartphones outside of China earlier this month, with the international roll-out beginning from India on June 15. Next in line is Europe, where the Dimensity 7050-powered duo is up for pre-order and sale.

The Realme 11 Pro in Black or Beige costs €400 and comes with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. The Realme 11 Pro+ is also offered in the same colors but with 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage for €520.

The phones are up for pre-order in Italy and France, with shipments scheduled for June 30, while Realme Spain is offering to send the phones once the order is complete, meaning users might get their new smartphone as early as tomorrow, June 26.

Realme 11 Pro (left) with Realme 11 Pro+ (right)
Realme 11 Pro (left) with Realme 11 Pro+ (right)

Realme is partnering with third-party retailers offering discounts, bringing the prices much lower than usual. For example, Amazon Italy will sell a smartphone for 10-11% less, bringing prices down to €340 or €470, depending on whether the user picks the Pro or Pro+. Unieuro or Mediamarkt have slightly smaller discounts for a limited period, but the prices are applied in their physical stores.

Realme is reportedly moving away from Germany, but the 11 Pro and the 11 Pro+ are both on Amazon with free delivery later this week.

Realme 11 Pro+

Realme 11 Pro

We already reviewed both the Realme 11 Pro and Realme 11 Pro+. The back panel design makes the devices stand out in a crowd, but the real reason one should choose the non-Plus is the screen, battery, and overall performance. Users who opt for the Plus variant will also get a better camera and twice the storage, and we believe both are quite the deal.

Source 1 (in French) • Source 2 (in Italian) • Source 3 (in Spanish)

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