Google's latest ad campaign paints the iPhone 14 Pro as being jealous of the Pixel 7 Pro

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Google is amping up the cringe with its latest ad campaign for its Pixel phones. The star is the Pixel 7 Pro, which is having a series of conversations with what looks like an iPhone 14 Pro in a case. So far so weird. But wait, there’s more! Much, much more.

See, the iPhone is jealous of the Pixel, because the Pixel can do so many things it can’t. Or something like that. The robotic voices definitely don’t help lower the cringe levels here, not even a little bit. So let’s start our viewing session with a video in which the iPhone says all it has to show after so many years of existence is the color of a bubble. And then dies.

Hilarious, right? The next one is about astrophotography. The iPhone can’t see as many starry things as the Pixel. But it wants to use the flash to compensate, the poor thing.

Next up, the iPhone is freaking out about public Wi-Fi, since it doesn’t have a VPN like the Pixel. Hackers are everywhere. Hackers and airplane mode.

In this one, the iPhone is dead again, but the Pixel comes to the rescue by wirelessly charging it. Cue cringy innuendo.

And finally, the Pixel 7 Pro steps away to let the Pixel Fold have the spotlight, although the iPhone pretends like it’s talking to the same device as before, which this one clearly isn’t. So… there’s that.

Somehow, despite all of the constant mockery the iPhone gets, we’re supposed to think these two (or actually, three) are still going to remain “#BestPhonesForever”. Get it? It’s like “Best Friends Forever”, but not. Because they’re phones. Phones that talk. To each other. About each other. Not cringe at all.

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