Best Buy adds iPad Pro and Apple Watch Ultra to its Upgrade+ plan

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Best Buy has added the Apple Watch Ultra and the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro to its Upgrade+ financing program for approved Citizens Bank clients.

It allows buyers to lease either device for 36 months and then either return the device, keep it, or upgrade to the next model.

It breaks down like this – the $799 Watch Ultra and iPad Pro are financed from $17.32 per month for three years and then in month 37 the buyer has a $175.78 final payment. The final payment is due if you want to keep the device. If you return it or upgrade to the next one, Best Buy will absolve the final payment.

That’s the breakdown if you’re approved for a zero percent APR offer. Users that aren’t approved can pay interest as high as 29.99 percent.

Best Buy adds iPad Pro and Apple Watch Ultra to its Upgrade Plus plan

Best Buy will also throw in 24 months of free AppleCare Plus for its Totaltech members, but you’d need to be an active member during that time.

Best Buy’s Upgrade+ has the full range of MacBooks and Mac desktops as well, but lacks iPhones. Apple’s own Upgrade Plus has the iPhone but for a 24 month finance period.


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